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Flowers of Klockberga

Flowers of Klockberga

One of the luxurious specialities in Klockberga are living plants and flowers.

From the living room soft spruce to the olive tree in the bed room, all plants are real and living <3

The herbs in the kitchen are of free use for guests.

Not to mention the beautiful, decorative plants at the balcony!

What’s most impressive to most of the guests are the flowers at the kitchen vase and the welcoming flowers.

Delicately picked to suite Klockberga interiors and to make your stay most enjoyable one.

The welcoming bouquet gives finishing touch to the luxurious entry <3

Did you like your welcome bouquet at the Klockberga entrance hall? <3 They vary from guest to guest.

You can purchase it for yourself and take it with you as you move along your journey!

(And, if you want, you can also pre-order different bouquets or plants according your wishes. In that case, please contact for more details.)

All the flowers and plants are provided by local entrepreneur. Their greenhouse and shop are totally worth visiting for, too! You can even see a glimpse of entrepreneur herself in the beginning of this video <3

Have a beautiful stay at Klockberga! <3

Do leave your greetings!

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