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Sauna time

Sauna time at Klockberga

Feel like enjoying sauna and hesitating with Klockberga since the apartment lacks sauna? Worry not! There are two, amazing saunas in the near vicinity of Klockberga, both cooperating with Klockberga.

Old Masugn’s Sauna

Old Masugn’s Sauna can be seen from the Klockberga kitchen window, it’s that close by <3

It was built 1850 for the steel factory workers to have a place to wash themselves in.

Sauna is located by a shore of a small pond and provides a robust place for proper sauna experience and also to have refreshing swim in the pond. There are common sauna tours but you can also book it for yourself. The sauna room and washing room are both very large and suite well for up to 10 persons per time.

For more info, visit Masugn’s Old Sauna’s Facebook page.

Ruukin sauna

Ruukin sauna is located few hundred meters from Klockberga, in the Bruk’s park, middle of Dalsbruk.

It was built for steel factory managers and their guests to take sauna. It was totally renovated 2016 and has gotten its glamour back.

The sauna interior, dressing room and shower room are all luxurious and have very high-class feeling.

You can book your private sauna experience or enjoy tasty brunch or lunch in the beautiful atmosphere.

For more info and bookings visit Ruukin Sauna web page or Facebook page.

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