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Home electronics from local supplier

To make the easy and comfortable stay in Klockberga as perfect as possible, the electronic devices had to be silent, effective and excellently functioning. Thus, heading towards local, trustworthy provider, Strandell’s El.

All I needed to do was to walk in and tell what I needed. The friendly and service-keen sales person found me exactly the right gadgets. Some days later they came to Klockberga, and everything got installed, ready to take into use in just few hours.

Just how easy it can be? Smooth ride, from beginning to end.

And now, after myself and guests have used these machines, we can truly say: easy and comfortable stay in Klockberga, greatly thanks to Strandell’s El! Totally recommending the place <3

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Glass craftsmanship

Below the Klockberga hill there is amazing, old house that used to be steel factory’s (very hard) hardware fixing and building place. Now it serves as diligent and rough glass blowing one man factory.

This unique, skill-requiring craftsmanship seems dangerous with all its blazing fires and melting glass. At the same time it entices and wraps its magic around the viewer, making one look and see the creation process in awe.

Klockberga has been honoured to be show and testing place for some of Jarl Hohenthal’s art and usage glass.

If you are as enthralled of this glass art and magic as most of Jarl Hohenthal and Glasshyttan’s viewers and customers, you will be very pleased to be able to see and test these pieces in real life and usage in Klockberga.